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Empowering You to Reclaim Your Health and Live the Full Life you Deserve!


Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to TRULY be healthy?


Are you tired of carrying excess weight and/or belly fat, living with pain and inflammation, and feeling exhausted?


Are you 100% ready to change the direction of your life?


Let us help you improve your health and life like you have only dreamed of!


At Raleigh Natural Wellness, we provide highly effective naturopathic wellness programs that are extremely personalized to fit your needs and health goals. 


We combine cutting edge functional medicine with simple lifestyle practices and close mentorship aimed at attaining long lasting health results.


Our core mission is to help you achieve the optimal health you deserve by treating YOU – the WHOLE you (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical)  – addressing your health from the inside out (naturopathic functional medicine) as well as the outside in (functional bodywork and posture rehabilitation).


Our ultimate goal is to resolve the underlying systemic inflammation, stress and postural collapse that cause the breakdown of health resulting in chronic, degenerative diseases that are so prevalent today.  To do this we heavily incorporate nutrition, hormone balance, stress management, gut health, detoxification and inflammation-reducing protocols as well as utilize functional bodywork and posture rehabilitation resulting in lasting improvements in all aspects of health.


Our Team’s mission is to help YOU achieve YOUR optimal (and pain-free) health!



"This program was WORTH the investment! I went to see Dr. Kelley to help me get off reflux meds. I had been using for probably a decade and off and on for 10 years prior. After eating, I would have gnawing in my stomach and bloating and belching. She helped me get to the root of my problem, so I was able to successfully wean off within a couple of weeks! I learned more about my hormone levels and many other things about nutrition, I thought I already knew! I feel better than ever! No more reflux, no belching, more energy, no joint pain, and I have lost over 10 inches and 18lbs! This is the most success I have had with losing weight, while improving my health and wellness!"
-Michelle M.

"I walked into Dr. Reis’s office several years ago, with poor health and, based on my history with the medical community, low expectations. I challenged her to improve my health and she challenged me to follow her instructions. Over the next couple years, she knocked out my health issues one by one and I watched my life perk up and turn around. Once the issues had either been resolved or dissolved, she took me to the next level of energy and focus with the ability to sustain my health and energy in long term high stress situations. She knows her stuff. She listens, she understands, she provides easy access for communication and doesn’t pass off “one size fits all” solutions. She changed my life and improved quality of life for all my friends and family members who walked into her office and said “help me” She’s awesome."  -Deborah C.

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